About me

My name is Chris Betteley and over the years I have had to adapt my food intake to suit many countries and cultures. During my student days one had to be self sufficient whilst attempting to stretch out the student grants. These days I guess you can replace the word grants with student loans. God knows how the kids survive these days.
Although our home is now in Spain, we are currently in the UK for a while and this has made me realise how great we are as a nation, in our cooking abilities and varieties of taste. I wasn't surprised at all to read that Chicken Massala was now more popular than Fish and Chips. Regardless of which country we are in, at least 4 times a week we have the GREAT British fry-up for breakfast and most Sundays a good old Sunday roast.
Watching television these days, I can't believe the number of cooking programs that are shown which bear absolutely no relationship to every day eating habits. This coupled with millions of cook books where one would need to spend a day shopping for ingredients that you have never heard of, never use twice and probably need a re-mortgage to buy. No wonder some of these famous chefs are associated with Sainsburys   supermarkets. To cap it all I went to a "Famous Chefs" restaurant (one of a chain) and the menu contained an item described as "Boil in the bag - fish", which was well over £20. Let's get real.
Carol and Spot
Whilst I have little to do at the moment I thought I would write a blog on my simple cooking which takes into account - cost, simplicity to prepare, speed, minimal shopping yet tasty and filling. Whilst some of it is humourous, it was intended for light reading, whilst being practical at the same time.
These days Carol does the majority of cooking although I love to step in a couple of times a week to give her a break. I can never compete with her in this area especially in getting everything to finish at the same time. Hey chaps - "know what I mean"
Finally, this has been written with total disregard to nutritional value and healthy eating and the whole site should probably carry a Health Hazard warning. I do however, always try to cook in Olive oil but only because I prefer the flavour it gives.
Should anyone from outside the UK wish to send me any simple recipes that they love, I would be happy to include them. Just email them............ Thanks and enjoy!