Graham's Full Monty

On cold Spanish mornings (generally around 1.00pm) Graham and I would wander into Almunecar town to admire the historic buildings and carry out quality control checks on the numerous bars in town.
When we disagreed on our assessments we generally re-sampled using a famous mouth wash available in Spain known as Glenfiddech which is pure Scottish Whiskey  water.

Hungarian Carnival Donuts

Wonderful looking donuts! They would look better with a great dollup of jam in. They are not easy to make, so these were bought but much love went into the presentation.
However, believing in baking, I found this recipe which we have tried. They were hot and fresh, including muchos jam (believe the recipe is Hungarian) so if you have a spare 2 hours for shopping and cooking, do enjoy. It was worth it.  Click here

Sarah's Desert

This is dedicated to Sarah Palin who one day can try this desert.


I guess I couldn't write this without taking into account vegetarians. Albeit a committed canivore myself, I thought it only fair to include this...........